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3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package - Save over $2000

3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package

3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package - Save over $2000 - 3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package
3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package
3-6 Montessori Full Classroom Package - Save over $2000
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This package comprises of almost the Montessori equipment required for a fully functional 3-6 classroom - over 150 items.

If this package is not for you, we can tailor a smaller or larger package to suit your individual classroom environment needs.3-6 Classroom packages start from $1,950.

This package was last updated on 18/5/16

Long Red Rods
Cylinder Blocks 1-4
Knobless Cylinders (Set of 4)
Pink Tower
Pink Tower Stand
Geometric Solids Set
Brown Stair (Brown Lacquer)
Color Tablets(1st Box)
Color Tablets (2nd Box)
Color Tablets (3rd Box)
Touch Tablets
Baric Tablets With Box
Rough and Smooth Boards
Geometric Cabinet
Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature Cards
Geometric Cabinet Control Chart
Geometric Form Cards
Geometric Form Cards Cabinet
Sound Boxes
Thermic Tablets
Smelling Bottles
Mystery Bag (Geometric Shapes)
Fabric Box
Blindfold x2
Constructive Triangles
Scales & Weight Set
Pressure Cylinders
Tasting Exercises
Thermic Bottles
Circles, Squares, and Triangles
Roman Arch

Dressing Frame Stand for 12 Frames
Hook and Eye Frame
Lacing Frame
Shoe Lacing Frame
Velcro Frame
Bow Tying Frame
Buttoning Frame With Large Buttons
Buttoning Frame With Small Buttons
Zipping Frame
Snapping Frame
Safety Pin Frame
Buckling Frame
Shoe Buttoning Frame

Lower Case Sandpaper Letters - Print
Lower Case Sandpaper Letters - Cursive
Box for the Sandpaper Letters x2
Large Movable Alphabet with Box (Print, Mix Blue & Red)
Small Movable Alphabet With Box (Print, Mix Blue & Red)
Metal Insets Tracing Tray
Metal Insets
Metal Insets Stand
Paper for Metal Insets
Box for Paper
Set of 11 Colored Pencil Holders
Holder for 3 Pencils x 3
Noun & Verb Introduction on Tray
Solid Grammar Symbols on Tray
Green Boards w/ Double Lines & Squares (2 pcs)
Green Boards with Lines and Squares (2 pcs)

Numerical Rods
Printed Numerals in Box
Sandpaper Numerals in Box
Spindle Box With 45 Spindles
Numerals and Counters
Large Fraction Skittles with Stand
Large Number Cards in Box (1-9000)
Small Number Cards in Box (1-9000)
Stamp Game
Bank Game
Ten and Teen Boards
Hundred Board
Hundred Board Control Chart
Metal Fraction Circles with Stand
9 Wooden Cube of 1000
45 Wooden Square of 100
Subtraction Equations and Differences Box
Subtraction Working Charts
Subtraction Tables
Addition Equations and Sums Box
Addition Working Charts
Addition Tables
Addition Strip Board
Subtraction Strip Board
Division Equations and Dividends Box
Division Working Charts
Division Tables
Multiplication Equations and Products Box
Multiplication Working Charts
Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Bead Board
Division Bead Board
Small Bead Frame
Binomial Cube
Trinomial Cube
Golden Bead Thousand Cube
Colored Bead Stairs
Golden Bead Hundred Square x9
45 Golden Bead Bars of 10 in Box
100 Golden Bead Units
Golden Bead Chains of 100
Golden Bead Chains of 1,000
Printed Arrows for 100/1000 Bead Chains in Boxes
Ten Bead Box
Teen Bead Box
Subtraction Snake Game
Addition Snake Game
Bead Material Complete Set
Bead Material Cabinet
Arrows for Bead Materials

Botany Puzzle Cabinet
Animal Puzzle Cabinet
Botany Leaf Cabinet
Botany Leaf Nomenclature Cards
Botany Leaf Control Chart
Leaf Puzzle
Tree Puzzle
Flower Puzzle
Horse Puzzle
Frog Puzzle
Fish Puzzle
Turtle Puzzle
Bird Puzzle
Botany Puzzle Activity Set
Animal Puzzle Activity Set
Leaf Cards
Leaf Cards Cabinet

Puzzle Map of World Parts
Puzzle Map of Europe
Puzzle Map of North America
Puzzle Map of South America
Puzzle Map of Africa
Puzzle Map of Asia
Puzzle Map of Australia
Puzzle Map of USA
Puzzle Map Cabinet
Flag of the World and Map
Globe Colour - World Parts
Globe Sandpaper - Land & Water
Land and Water Form Trays Complete Set
Land Form Cards
Land Form Cards Box

Some items may vary depending on availability at time of order

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