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FROEBEL GIFTS - Complete 14 Activity Set

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FROEBEL GIFTS - Complete 14 Activity Set -
FROEBEL GIFTS - Complete 14 Activity Set
PROPER USE - This educational product is designed according to scientific teaching principles. It is a teaching aid, not a toy. It must be used under professionally trained Adult supervision

CHOCKING HAZARD - Owing to properties essential to its purpose, this product is not suitable in Australia for children under 3 years.

PACKAGING - This product contains plastic packaging which must be removed and kept away from children.

When Friedrich Froebel established the first system for educating young children, he created a series of playthings to provide children with focussed educational experiences. Up until that time, toys were intended for amusement and education was provided through books and instruction. Froebel's Kindergarten used play as its engine and his Spielgabe (or "play gifts") were the fuel. During his lifetime he codified the series of Froebel Gifts up through Gift 7 (parquetry tablets). After his death in 1852, his followers extended the series of educational toys by numbering other materials used in his school.

Froebel deduced that brain development is most pronounced between birth and age 3.
Froebel taught that children develop at different rates, so Kindergarten was an ungraded range from ages 3-7. It was a multi-age setting and combined boys and girls, and children of both rich and poor into a community of education that involved both parents and teachers.
Froebel recognized that humans are creative beings and must be taught about creating through observation of nature and through a process of creative activities. As such, the Froebel Gifts & Occupations were the world’s first toys designed specifically for child development.
Froebel invented play-based education and the concept of the prepared environment.
Froebel pioneered holistic education.
Froebel invented both child-centered and whole-child approaches to education, urging educators to “follow the child.”.
Froebel developed the morning circle and engaged children in decision-making and news of the day.
Froebel pioneered the use music, movement, games and craft activities (including geometric paper-folding) in an educational setting, including the use of finger plays with children.

The Froebel Gifts are educational materials developed for Friedrich Froebel's original Kindergarten. Perhaps the world's most intricately conceived playthings, these materials appear deceptively simple, but represent a sophisticated approach to child development. The Gifts are arguably the first educational toys.

Froebel developed Spielgabe ("play gifts") for his Kindergarten schools. They were so named because they were both given the the child (to be properly respected as gifts) and also function as tools for adults to observe the innate human "gifts" each child posseses from birth. One observes the remarkable qualities and innovative ideas that make each child unique when they have the opportunity to explore and create according to Froebel's method. The materials are known in a variety of terms, including Eunmul (South Korea), Gabe (Asia) and Spielgabe (Germany).
The materials were not some accidental creation, as some modern historians assume. Froebel spent a great deal of time observing children and refining the design of the Gifts. He numbered Gifts 1-6 (the only materials to identified as spielgabe in Froebel's writing) in part because it simplifies referring to them. Later materials can be described succinctly as tablets (Gift 7), sticks (Gift 8), rings (Gift 8 or 9), points (Gift 9 or 10). For example, Gift 2 is a set of wood solids (sphere, cylinder, cube) with a hanging apparatus. Eight one-inch wood cubes is known more simply as Gift 3, etc.
Gifts have one primary difference from other materials used in the Kindergarten — they are able to be returned to their original form when play is finished. An important part of Gift play, the presentation of the Gift is always as a whole form (e.g. Gift 3 removed from the box as a cube form of 8 cubes), and when play is done parts are combined before being placed into the box as a whole. There are only two other rules for Gift play; (1) all parts must be incorporated and (2) a creation is always changed through modification, not destroyed and rebuilt. In this way unity is maintained and subtle lessons about the nature of change are learned.
Please note that from time to time some minor detail may differ from picture shown.

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Used expressions: FROEBEL GIFTS - Complete 14 Activity Set Froebel The barley grain is covered by a tough protective hull or husk and has an outer seed coat that covers the bran layer a large starchy endosperm and an oil-containing germ. The hull and bran are removed by a process called pearling.
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