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20 Montessori Activities Family Home School Mini Set

Montessori Mini 20 Materials Family Home School Set

20 Montessori Activities Family Home School Mini Set - Mini 20 Materials Family Home School Set
Mini 20 Materials Family Home School Set
20 Montessori Activities Family Home School Mini Set
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What You Get in the Montessori Family Home School Set:

1. Knobbed Cylinders - The Cylinder Blocks introduce the child to the first stage of visual discrimination of size.

2. Pink Tower - This series of cubes develops visual discrimination of size in 3 dimensions. Exploration with this material prepares the child for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry and volume.

3. Brown Stair - This series of prisms demonstrates to the child the change in width, while the length remains constant. Practice with The Brown Stair indirectly prepares the child for concepts in plane geometry, area and volume.

4. Colour Box - Colour Tablets introduces colour and refines the chromatic sense.

5. Constructive Triangles - The Constructive Blue Triangles are used in the elementary Montessori classroom to explore equivalency, congruency and similarity.

6. Uppercase Sandpaper Letters - The Sandpaper Letters guide the hand for writing as the child traces the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are written.

7. Mystery Bag - Containing objects such as geometric shapes for identifying and matching by a child, which also introduce the child to solid geometry.

8. Number Rods - The Number Rods introduce the child to quantity 1-10 and their corresponding number names. The child also develops concepts in sequence of number, combinations of 10 and basic arithmetic.

9. Binomial Cube - The Binomial Cube is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b)3. The factors of the equation are represented by cubes and prisms. The child uses the Binomial Cube as an activity of algebraic exploration.

10. Spindle Box - The Spindle Box provides practice in associating quantity and symbol for the numbers 0-9.

11. Numbers and Counters - In the final stage of number work 1-10, the child applies his skills in associating quantity and symbol by identifying and placing the numerals in their proper sequence and then associating the corresponding amount of counters beneath them.

12. Hundred Board - A material used for teaching the number sequence from 1 to 100. The material consists of a wooden board printed with 100 squares and 100 wooden chips printed with the numbers 1-100.

13. Introduction to Decimal System - A concrete representation of the decimal system 1 to 1000, which demonstrates place value and the concept that a decimal category cannot exceed 9.

14. Bead Stair - The Coloured Bead Stairs are used for activities of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

15. Stamp Game - After being introduced to the decimal system using the Golden Bead Material, the Stamp Game provides opportunity for individual practice in the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

16. Addition Strip Board - Using the Addition Strip Board, the child practices the sequence of addition combinations 1-9, and begins the process of memorization of the addition tables.

17. Subtraction Strip Board - Using the Subtraction Strip Board, the child practices the equations of the subtraction tables 1-18.

18. Multiplication Board - The Multiplication Board is used for practice with the multiplication tables 1 x 1 through 10 x 10.

19. Division Board - Using the Unit Division Board, the child practices the tables of division with the dividends 1-81 and divisors 1-9.

20. Fraction Skittles - The Fraction Skittles represent divisors of whole, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 and are used to work equations in division.

Please note: These toys are not a professional set of materials, it is a set that allows families at home to experience the activities and use to help their children progress in their learning at home. As this is a Home School product the dimensions of most of the items in the kit are smaller than the classroom sized items available individually on the A2Z Montessori Website. This is useful in a home environment where space is limited, unlike a full sized classroom.

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