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Binomial Cube

Montessori Binomial Cube

Binomial Cube - Binomial Cube
Binomial Cube
Binomial Cube
The Binomial Cube is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b)3. The factors of the equation are represented by cubes and prisms. The Montessori child uses the Binomial Cube as an activity of algebraic exploration. Contained in a hinged wooden box with lid.

The Box consists of:
- One red cube and three red and black matching prisms.
- One blue cube and three blue and black matching prisms.

All the pieces, once assembled, form a cube of a binomial (a+b)3
The square of the binomial is painted on the lid.


To build the cube.

Preparation for mathematics: the cube of a binomial.
Preparation for the cube root.
Introduction for algebra and preparation for the proof of the formula (a+b)3.

Package Size and Weight: 12cm x 12cm x 9.5cm, 1.88kg

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