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Metal Inset Tracing Tray

Montessori Metal Inset Tracing Tray

Metal Inset Tracing Tray -
Metal Inset Tracing Tray
The wooden Metal Inset Tracing Tray has been designed to house the Metal Inset templates, creating an inviting tracing experience. The tray provides two wooden frames within which to place blank paper and then the chosen Metal Inset.

The set of Metal Insets is an activity that offers the child help to prepare for writing. The child uses each inset with a pencil to trace the shape onto paper. The Metal Insets invite the child to create as many geometric design possibilities as their imagination will allow. These drawing activities facilitate lightness of touch and evenness of pressure.

As the child uses the Metal Inset material the muscles in their fingers, hand and wrist are strengthened allowing their pincer grip to develop and coordination of the necessary wrist movement for writing.

Like many open ended resources, the Metal Inset Tracing Tray can be used in a variety of ways, children may use it to practice free drawing upon a framed paper canvas.

The set of Metal Insets is available for purchase separately.

  $ 52.90  

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