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The Australian Money Game

The Australian Money Game

The Australian Money Game - The Australian Money Game
The Australian Money Game
The Australian Money Game
This is a set of 3 games that prepare children with the practical life skills for handling money. Children learn valuable math and practical life skills as they exchange coins, pay bills, or decide where the money should go (budgeting). This material was designed by Mark Powell, an elementary Montessori teacher and a trainer at CMTE/NY and AMTI Australia, then developed in conjunction with A2Z Montessori Australia. He has been using this in his classroom for years. "Children love to do this work". The use of real coins makes this a unique experience. This not only provides children the sensations only associated with real money but also brings an element of trust to the classroom, a very valuable lesson. Monetary notes are highly realistic play bills, but a smaller size for legal reasons.

Except for the real coins, the Set includes all the you need to play the 3 games, including:
1 Real, large cash box with key or combination lock
2 Realistic set of Australian Play Note Money, 20 pcs of each denomination, totalling $3,700
3 Real Australian Coins (Optional Extra totalling $38.50)
4 Realistic Play Credit Cards, 2 pcs credit vale $500 each
5 All play cards
6 Set of red unit counters.
7 Two 6 sided large dice
7 2 Timber coin exchange boards
8 Full instruction Booklet, 28pages

please check with your local bank for acquiring the needed coins or we can supply them at face value cost if you request it in the comment box at checkout.

  $ 189.00  

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