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Primo - Match the Pictures

LOGICO Primo Board

Primo - Match the Pictures - LOGICO Primo Match the Pictures
LOGICO Primo Match the Pictures
Primo - Match the Pictures
Match the Pictures
LOGICO Primo 16 Activity Educational Learning Cards.
Ages 5+

Helps to improve:
Concentration and visual perception
abilities to recognize and to differentiate pictures
logical thinking
comprehension of categories and sequences

A Worldwide recognised educational game:

LOGICO is recommended by teachers, school directors and education ministries worldwide. Today the German LOGICO programme has 200 titles in total. LOGICO has been translated into 24 languages and is available in over 40 countries. LOGICO is used for educating children at school in many European countries such as Germany and Finland.
Over the years, LOGICO received a number of international and national awards.

The Logico Primo Board is required for this Primo Activity Card Set.

  $ 19.95  

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