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Supporting Dementia & Aged Care

Dementia & Old Age

Supporting Dementia &  Aged Care - Dementia & Old Age
Dementia & Old Age
Supporting Dementia & Aged Care
It's what's on the inside that counts! All of us are encased in bodies that are changing and everyone needs a little extra help sometimes.

It could be your grandparents, parents, sibling, child or yourself but when a disability such as dementia or diseases associated with the ageing process begin to interfere with 'normal' everyday life there is a need to be supported so as to maintain independence and sense of dignity.

The person on the inside has not changed, he/she is still wanting to be loved, respected and valued.

The Montessori approach to supporting an adult with a debilitating disfunction of their body is to treat the person as an individual, discover who they are and help them to constructively express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

Providing an attractive and specifically prepared environment within which the person is able to participate in a variety of purposeful activities according to their interests is an essential part of supporting the individual. Including apparatus that help the person to maintain their independence supports them to continue living safely and with dignity whether at home or in specialist community living centres.

This section of the website provides a variety of items that can be utilised to support both the adult living within a failing body and their carers. The items offered here focus on cognitive exercises, practice of practical life tasks, support for fine & gross motor skills, help with socialisation, facilitation of spiritual wellbeing and props for the physical environment.

We are adding to this page regularly so as to provide items that have proven benefits.

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