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Cylinder Block NO.4

Montessori Cylinder Block NO.4 Educational Resource Equipment

Cylinder Block NO.4 - Montessori Cylinder Block NO.4
Montessori Cylinder Block NO.4
Cylinder Block NO.4
The Knobbed Cylinder Block activity is designed to support visual discrimination of size.

Cylinder Block No4: The cylinders remain constant in diameter (5.5cm) while height varies from tall to short (5.5cm-1cm).

Work with the Cylinder block supports visual discrimination and concentration.

The purpose of this material:-

-Visual discrimination of dimensions.
- Coordination of the fingers used to hold pen or pencil pencil.
- Refinement of voluntary movement. The person will be able to fit the cylinders with one precise movement.

Suggested Lesson Presentation for Cylinder Block No4:-
1. First show the person how to carry the block of cylinders to the table with both hands holding the ends of the block.
2. Sit beside the person and place one cylinder block in front of the them. Remove the cylinders from the block by holding the knobs with three fingers (called the pencil grip), starting from the largest to the smallest. Remove each cylinder from the block and place it in front of the respective socket that it was removed from.
3. After a short pause, put the cylinders back into their respective sockets, starting from largest to the smallest. You may invite the person to help from the 3rd cylinder onwards. The exercise is done without letting the cylinders fall and without making too much noise.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 but place the cylinders at random when removed from the sockets. The person will have to search for the correct socket to place back the cylinders.
5. Language can be introduced with each block to identify dimension by taking the first and the last cylinder of the block and speaking to the person: "tall....short"

There are 4 Cylinder Blocks in the series each reflecting a specific type of variation in dimension. Each block can be used on its own or together with the other blocks.

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