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Comparison Game - Sea Secret

Comparison Game

Comparison Game - Sea Secret - Comparison Game - Sea Secret
Comparison Game - Sea Secret
Comparison Game - Sea Secret
This Wooden Comparison Game, Sea Secret, brings the wonders of the sea to life!

This captivating toy serves as an excellent tool to stimulate and enhance a child's memory, concentration, and powers of observation.

The game begins by placing a card on the wooden board. Each circle on the card conceals a portion of an animal, and children can make guesses about the animal by lifting one or more of the pegged covers.

The set includes 10 cards featuring 20 different patterns, providing ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. By engaging with this game, children not only have fun but also develop essential skills such as patience and attention to detail.

Whether played cooperatively or competitively, the Wooden Comparison Game - Sea Secret is an ideal choice for young children. It encourages interaction, problem-solving, and critical thinking, making it an excellent educational resource for children aged 3 years and above.

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