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M&D – Turn & Tell Clock

M&D – Turn & Tell Clock

M&D – Turn & Tell Clock - M&D – Turn & Tell Clock
M&D – Turn & Tell Clock
M&D – Turn & Tell Clock
Perfect for kids who are ready to learn to tell time! This learning clock features hands that rotate with a gentle click, marking-off the minutes as they go. The detailed clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, small blue numbers to match the minute hand, and a segmented colour disk to help kids visualize "quarter past" and "half past." Also included are 13 double-sided time cards for practice: Place one in the holder at the top of the clock, then match the numeric or analogue time shown by moving the clock hands to their proper position. Slide open the "digital clock" window to check the answer! Then place the cards back in the storage slot at the back of the clock for neat and tidy storage. Suitable from 3yrs+

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