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3D Sorting & Nesting Board

3D Sorting Board

3D Sorting & Nesting Board - 3D Sorting Board
3D Sorting Board
3D Sorting & Nesting Board
3D Sorting Board is a set of 16 chunky wooden blocks in bright graded colours. Based on the Montessori Pink Tower, you can use these blocks to introduce concepts like bigger, smaller, lighter and darker. You can also use this 3D Montessori Sorting Board to learn shapes, nesting, counting, stacking and sorting.

Start by lining the blocks up in order and point to each as you say, 'one, two, three' to give your child the idea of counting. An older child could line them up in order of size, or you could introduce the concepts of addition and subtraction.

Ask children to sort the shapes and put them inside each other, or stack them on top of each other. There are so many learning possibilities with this simple toy!
Builds basic maths concepts
Builds basic language concepts in relation to size
Bright, graded colours
Use them to stack or nest
Packed in a wooden tray
Classic Montessori toy

The blocks can also be used for creative play just like normal wooden building blocks.

Comes neatly packed in a wooden tray for easy storage.

Made from plantation timber using non toxic, child safe materials.

  $ 74.95  

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