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Memory Game - Australian Animals

Memory Game - Australian Animals

Memory Game - Australian Animals - Memory Game - Australian Animals
Memory Game - Australian Animals
Memory Game - Australian Animals
Australian animal themed memory cards in a wooden box. The set includes 12 different types of Aussie animals with 24 pieces in total.
Classic Memory game - introduce your child to the timeless appeal of Memory (durable, robust wood)

Able to be played with 2 or more players.

Perfect for building visual memory skills.
Opportunity for fine motor development as each wooden 'card' is placed in position in rows to begin the game, turned over when it is the child's turn, and returned to its position ready for the next player's turn.
Begin with just a few pairs with young children and gradually increase the number of pairs as your child's capacity grows.
Both common (koala, kangaroo) and uncommon (frill neck lizard, Tasmanian devil) Australian animals are included, which means this game provides an opportunity for new vocabulary to be introduced and practiced.
Explicitly teach the specific name of each Australian animal. Take the opportunity to increase vocabulary understanding by talking about where the animal lives, what it likes to eat, what habits it has/what is it known for, whether it comes out during the day or night, what it would feel like to touch, how many legs it has, etc.
The wooden cards could be used for other game variations and activities (eg. 'snap'; visual matching of pairs; other visual memory games where a small number of cards are seen and then removed from view and the child must recall them; the cards they can also be used for categorising activities - 'animals with two legs', 'animals that live in water', 'animals that are furry', 'animals that spend most of their time in trees', etc.).

Due to the product's lightweight and compact nature, this would be a perfect educational travel toy!

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