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VG - Getting Dressed Sequence Puzzle Set

VG - Getting Dressed Sequence Puzzle Set -
VG - Getting Dressed Sequence Puzzle Set
The VG Getting Dressed Sequence Puzzle is an interactive game designed to nurture children's color recognition, shape differentiation, and matching abilities. Through identifying and matching the appropriate attire, including suits, dresses, and outfits, children learn to analyze and visualize shapes and images. With its manageable 28 pieces, this puzzle is tailored for children as young as 18 Months old, offering a suitable challenge as they grow older.

This engaging and educational puzzle set assists young children in mastering the sequence of dressing, a fundamental life skill essential for early childhood development. As children piece together the puzzle, they not only reinforce their understanding of shape and color but also enhance their vocabulary, concentration, and motor skills. Furthermore, the puzzle promotes logical thinking by encouraging children to create associations and relationships between different elements.

Key features of this puzzle set include:

Development of shape and color recognition
Learning of outfit and dressing sequence
Encouragement of creative thinking and problem-solving skills
Manufactured from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, and compliant with EN71 and ASTM Standards
Overall, the USL Getting Dressed Sequence Puzzle offers a fun and enriching way for children to develop essential cognitive and motor skills while learning the basics of dressing in the correct sequence.

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