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Facts Book for Children

Facts Book for Children

Facts Book for Children - Facts Book for Children
Facts Book for Children
Facts Book for Children
The Facts Book for Children is filled with LOADS of ‘Did you know?’ facts & figures. Suitable for children of all ages [even BIG grown-up ones!].

Inside Children’s Facts, Malcolm the Meerkat will share some interesting facts with you, the reader. Look out for him! Some of the subjects discussed are:

Books, classic and modern
Movies and movie stars including TV series
Famous people: South African
Music and musicians: the world
Sport: Africa, South Africa and the world
Indigenous peoples of the world
Languages and religions of the world
Food: weird dishes of the world, obesity and fast foods
Shops and shopping
Toys and games
Technology: cellphones, computers
Mysteries and folklore
Careers and earnings: unusual, fun, dangerous
Wealth and poverty: richest countries vs poorest countries, currencies
Buildings and statues: Africa and the rest of the world
Places to visit: popular, unusual, in Africa and the world
Transport: modes, history, fastest, busiest airports
‘Ancient’ history: origins of man, explorers, World Wars
Modern history: space travel, modern wars, leaders
Disasters: Natural and man-made
Animals: wild, largest, smallest, extinct
Questions and answers
Facts Book for Children will provide hours of fun to the classroom. Children will return to the book time and again, with a thirst for more.

Size: 30 x 21 x 4 cm 72 pages

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