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Roots Puzzle

Montessori Roots Puzzle

Roots Puzzle - Roots Puzzle
Roots Puzzle
Roots Puzzle - Roots Puzzle
Roots Puzzle
Roots Puzzle
This 5 piece plywood puzzle allows the child to explore the root system of a plant. Their work with the puzzle may encourage discussion and inspire further exploration into the parts of plants that are normally not seen and enhance language development. The knobs are designed to allow the child to to easily access each piece while developing their fine motor skills in preparation for holding things with their fingers, such as a pencil when they are ready to draw or write. The child engages pattern recognition, spatial awareness and sequencing as they work with the puzzle.

The range of Botany Puzzles can be used in conjuction to separate and identify different parts of each plant.

Package Size and Weight: 25cm x 25cm x 3cm, 0.56kg

  $ 23.60  $ 28.45

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