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Leaf Cards

Montessori Leaf Cards

Leaf Cards - Leaf Cards
Leaf Cards
Leaf Cards
The Leaf Card set includes three forms of a series of 18 cards printed on plastic board. Leaf shapes correspond with the Botany Leaf Cabinet inserts and each shape is represented by a thin outline, a thick outline and a filled in outline.

These Leaf Cards can be used as a resource when identifying found leaves, as a sorting experience for categorising and matching shapes or to challenge children's understandings of abstract representation.

Having each leaf shape available in the filled in, thick and thin outlines are an opportunity to discuss the various states of a leaf’s life and decomposition. This visual arrangement of the outlines also introduces children to image differentiation that can be mimicked and practiced during creative expression experiences.

Package Size and Weight: 17cm x 15cm x 2cm, 3kg

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