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About Us

Our head office is now based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to carry on the legacy and the dream of the founder and of the students who have worked so hard to create this amazing business which was part of their Micro Economy Studies at Sydney Montessori School. A series of unfortunate events have ended up requiring the removal of this agency business from the school grounds. However, with the support of the wonderful adolescent students and staff from the school, it was decided that it would be in the best interest for all to close up shop at the school and allow the agency to continue operating elsewhere. As of July 2012 the operation of this agency and all stock items are warehoused and shipped directly to our customers Australia wide from Queensland.

About the First School Students Distributors

Students at the Sydney Montessori High School became one of the Distributors of A2Z Montessori as a Project of their Adolescent Micro Economy Studies.
Maria's Market was organised and operated by members of the Adolescent Community at Sydney Montessori High School (Sutherland Shire Montessori School). It was registered as a business in early 2009 to provide a way to earn money to support their micro economy. As well as becoming distributers of A2Z Montessori equipment they sold, books, fresh produce, healthy energy drinks, handcrafts and recycled products.

Their business had grown from selling the occasional product at the school gate to a global organization that dealt with suppliers in the USA, China and New Zealand and customers all over Australia. Much of their work involved e-commerce, so they got good at using spreadsheets and communicating by email to their customers, however they wanted to grow a face to face business as well through their shop located in their school grounds. While they were new at this they had the support of a several adults who helped them understand the theories of production and exchange and the accounting processes so that they kept track of expenditure and income and made good financial decisions. Everyone had a different job to do, some worked on production, some worked on obtaining goods and services from other people, some worked on e-sales and distribution, some worked on the accounts and marketing, and some worked in the shop. When asked who we were and what did we do, our reply is whatever you wanted us to be and do. Our job was to serve the community.

Tim Ghali
Adolescent Student (Stage 5),
SMHS – Maria's Market
Previous Distributers for A2Z Montessori


About the Founder of A2Z Montessori

Juanita Benson, A2Z Montessori

A2Z Montessori was set up by Juanita Benson in 2007. Juanita lived with her family in China for 9 years prior to her move to New Zealand and was involved in the manufacturing of wooden toys and educational equipment specializing in teaching aids.

Being fluent in Mandarin and well versed in the Chinese culture, Juanita participated in the setting up of a number of kindergartens while living in China. She also set up a quality control company which guaranties the quality of all her product imports to Australia and New Zealand. Her experience in education and teaching aid manufacturing along with her interest in making Montessori classroom equipment more affordable with a view to encourage their expansion has been the driving force behind the setting up of A2Z Montessori.

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