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This is a Project to Support Montessori Education in Australia

Montessori Australia Products

We import a wide range of high quality Montessori equipment and other materials that we distribute throughout Australia and other parts of the world.

We offer you top products straight from the manufacturer with all the advantages of being affordable and deliver it to your doorstep. We would love to listen and cater to your specific needs

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Mission Statement

Support Montessori Education in Australia by providing the opportunity for children of all socio economic background to gain access to quality Montessori learning materials at affordable prices through schools, centres and parent community groups.

A2Z's Vision
To be recognised as a successful international company providing progressive and specialized educational materials throughout the world by establishing outlet agencies on every continent so as to reach every child.

What is the Montessori Method of Education?
Most simply put, the Montessori method of education is explained as allowing and facilitating a child's learning by making use of their own natural curiosity about the world and by providing an environment and material that will encourage and guide their natural drive to learn. It is self-paced individual learning in a cooperative environment that focuses on human potential and excellence.

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